IntelliJ: Error:java: error: release version 5 not supported

Problem: While creating a new maven project using IntelliJ IDEA with Java 11 started getting the following error:

Error:java: error: release version 5 not supported

After exploring the internet for a while I found what is causing this error.

Reason: Generally Maven sets the default Java version to 1.5. Hence you need to set the correct language level and release version in pom.xml.

Before searching for a solution you can check your current Java version at, File => Settings => Build, Execution, Deployment => Compiler => Java Compiler and change it if required.


Even after changing the java version, if it didn’t work, you can apply the following solutions.

Solution 1:

Set the source /target versions in pom.xml like below:


You will also need to include the maven-compiler-plugin if you haven’t already like:


Solution 2: Specific to SPring boot, If you are using spring boot as a parent, you have to set the java version.


This will automatically set the correct versions.

If The above-mentioned option didn’t work for you, you can move one step further by changing the “language level” in every module at, File => Project Structure => Modules

Here we discussed how we can change the Java compiler version in IntelliJ and solution to common error while creating a maven project using IntelliJ.

You are free to share if there are other ways to fix this error.

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